RIBZ Clothing to Launch New Collection this Saturday at Showspace 1382

Dallas based RIBZ Clothing is getting ready to launch their latest collection this week. Designer and founder Zacree Cobos is partnering with Showspace 1382 who will be hosting the launch event this Saturday in their creative space inside Refinery Consignment. The collection inspired by Cobos' travels to Tokyo and New Mexico will focus on new concepts and techniques created by Cobos and his team. I got a chance to chat with Zacree about the launch and the new collection and if your in Dallas this Saturday be sure to check it out. Here are our words.


BLKLN: Tell me the inspiration behind the new collection?

ZC: The collection is mainly focused on my 2 latest t-shirts, Refresh and MonolithRefresh is a quick reference to the cartoon advertisements I saw during a week-long stay in Tokyo. It was a small trip I took last year to see some of the amazing / odd styles of graphic design in the city, I would heavily recommend it for any kind of designer. The Monolith tee is something straight out of my recent art practice. I've been drawing these rock formations...I think it's a reference to my time traveling through New Mexico towards Roswell.

BLKLN: What are some things we can expect from the new collection?

ZC: Two exciting additions to the RIBZ Clothing market are our new art prints and one-of-a-kind products that we've been creating in our garage. The one-of-ones have allowed us to start getting experimental with different dye processes, alterations, and overall delivery—which has been awesome. As for the art prints...it's just about damn time.

BLKLN: What is something you are doing with the new collection that hasn't done before?

ZC: I just think that's the best part. We're staying true to what RIBZ is and continuing to put out quality products that our customers expect from us. 

BLKLN: For those who are not familiar tell me a little about RIBZ.

ZC: RIBZ Clothing is a lifestyle brand I created in 2009 when I was in high school. Every product acts as a channel of the artwork, music, and day-to-day things that I'm currently into.

BLKLN: What differentiates RIBZ from other street wear brands?

ZC: I'm not creating products that mimic current trends in the fashion industry or only make clothing that'll sell fast; it's always been that way. Every design we put in production uses original artwork created by me, making each collection an impression of myself and the art I make at that time. As I've matured as a designer, technically and aesthetically, so has how the brand presents itself.

For more information about RIBZ Clothing visit www.ribzclothing.com and shop here.