Allison and Courtney Edwards are a Dallas style institution. From chairing and hosting Dallas' most celebrated fashion events to their widely known fashion site Where Wear in the City, the Edwards girls are a Dallas staple. Shortly after launching their skyline inspired accessory line City + Sky, the twins were featured on The Today Show competing to be Today's Next Big Thing. We are proud to announce them as part our Collective online shop welcoming them warmly to the BLKLN family. 

Tell me about your brand and how you got started?

City+Sky was founded on a love for the city life. As longtime bloggers for our
blog-Where Wear in the City, we wanted to create something visible and
unique, a conversational piece that represented not only a worldly view
but something that truly captured our most beloved cities.

What are some signature characteristics of your brand?

Our city skyline pendants are our best sellers. We currently have 11 cities and
more coming this fall! They are great for layering and pair well with
your everyday look and style and they are versatile. Our men's custom
city skyline cufflinks are definitely a stand out too when worn with a
great tailored shirt or suit. We also design custom rings in various
metals and our currently working on a new cuff bracelet for both men and

How do you want your products to make your customer feel? 

Happy of course! We wanted to give our customerssomething visible they can wear close
to their heart. We feel skylines are a good representation of where you
came from, where you are in life and where you hope to be!

Describe your aesthetic in three words.

Vivid, inspirational, worldly.

What is the most important thing you learned after starting your career? 

It is a lot of hard work! Also finding a great manufacturer and good customer service goes along way!

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                                                                                       Allison and Courtney Edwards

                                                                                       Allison and Courtney Edwards

Photos courtesy of City + Sky