This week to mark the official launch of Collective x blk-tee, each day we will be introducing you to one of our exciting designers. "Collective" is an independently spirited e-commerce shop that will provide a curated platform for young designers and emerging brands with similar aesthetic philosophies to showcase and sell their work. This provides our readers and customers with a more versed on-line shopping experience. Our inaugural class includes some of Texas' most exciting and creative young brands such as: B. Stellar jewelry, RIBZ Clothing, Jeweled&Jaded, City + Sky, and Winter Hill leather goods. We are constantly looking for new creative talent and will be accepting submissions via the website. Today we introduce you to Zacree Cobos and RIBZ Clothing. Zacree is a very active member of the Dallas creative community, artist and designer. 


Tell me about your brand and how you got started?

RIBZ Clothing is a lifestyle brand created in 2009, that promotes an inner drive to succeed using a mission statement I created called the Educated Rebellion. The Educated Rebellion is a mindset that combines the impact and change of rebellion with the structure and knowledge of education—all for one's ability to simply get wherever they want in life by their own rules.

RIBZ Clothing isn't just a brand that pushes people to follow their dreams though. The brand is supposed to serve as an example of what you can accomplish with the Educated Rebellion—RIBZ Clothing is my Educated Rebellion.

I started the brand while I was a junior in high school, and carried it through my time at Kansas City Art Institute while I was getting my BFA in Graphic Design. From the very start, the brand has been a channel of the artwork, music, and day-to-day things that I'm currently into; with each collection I put out, every piece going into production has contained original artwork directly from me.

What are some signature characteristics of your brand?

I have a heavy graffiti background with the typical teenage interest in street art, street wear, skateboarding, house-shows, and music videos. Recently, the products have taken current street fashion into consideration, but without distinctively showcasing the loud colors and heavy illustrations that come with the art that I make.


How do you want your products to make your customer feel?

I want someone to feel like they can actually go out and do what's on their mind, not to live by someone else's set instructions. I want them to see my brand and everything I do for it and ask themselves, "What's stopping me from doing what I want with my life?"


Describe your aesthetic in three words.

Whatever looks cool.


What is the most important thing you learned after starting your career? 

I learn constantly to never disregard any competition I may have. I've been reaching out to some of the brands in Dallas that have been doing fairly well in the same field as me, and so far it's gotten me a lot of connections to photographers, models, venue owners, local production facilities, and sometimes even collaborators—I'd say to definitely to use your community.

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                                                                                                Zacree Cobos

                                                                                                Zacree Cobos

Photos courtesy of RIBZ Clothing.