Misty Incontrera and Nancy Koen have long been great friends. Both with extensive backgrounds in fashion and a passion for design, Incontrera and Koen decided to evolve their friendship into a partnership by forming B.Stellar jewelry. The modern jewelry line known for its minimalist lines and earth stones has been seen on the likes of model Chandra North and designer Charles Smith.  We are excited to welcome B.Stellar to the BLKLN family.

Tell me about your brand and how you got started? 

B.Stellar's brand was a brainstorm of a business that could marry Co-Founders Misty Incontrera and Nancy Koen's skill sets and backgrounds with a fresh, envelope-pushing concept. Misty had developed initial jewelry designs with her own jewelry line, susujane back in Austin. The duo created B.Stellar in the spring of 2013 and by October 2013, Nancy's connections in the wholesale industry landed B.Stellar their first showroom at the Fashion Industry Gallery "FIG". Sales and those initial Designs were strong enough for Misty to relocate back to Dallas from Austin, where she had moved in 2006, and in July of 2014 B.Stellar’s main office and studio were established. 

What are some signature characteristics of your brand? 

B.Stellar is designed with art and the natural world as inspiration, balancing metal with gems, creating a striking blend of natural elements and modern originals. Movement, lines and the balance of positive and negative space make B.Stellar unique.  
                                                                                                                                                                                                    How do you want your products to make your customer feel?

Each piece is a handmade original. We want our B.Stellar customer to feel confident, unique, and totally in love with their piece.

Describe your aesthetic in three words. 

Modern. Modest. Balance

What is the most important thing you learned after starting your business?  

When you build and operate a business, be prepared to do anything and everything to present your passion. 

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                                     Misty Incontrera

                                     Misty Incontrera

                                      Nancy Koen

                                      Nancy Koen