Maximiliano Nicolelli

Olivier Theyskens Returns to Paris!

The name Olivier Theyskens isn't one that most people outside the fashion world are familiar with. Some might remember the name from his work as artistic director at department store favorite Theory. But mention the name Olivier Theyskens to any die hard fashionista and their face will light up vividly recalling his poetic runway shows during Paris Fashion Week while at Rocha and Nina Ricci. Theysken's ability to create a collection that was both highly romantic and superbly artful was unrivaled.  This is why I was extremely excited when the Business of Fashion reported yesterday that Theyskens had return to Paris to self fund the re-launch of his eponymous label. Working with Maximiliano Nicolelli, formerly of LVMH and La Perla, Theyskens plans on slowly developing a brand that will showcase his growth as a designer but will still speak to his core clientele. Bravo Olivier! We cannot wait to see the new Theyskens!

Jim Duran