C2H4 x Vans Drops Today...


Los Angeles based menswear brand C2H4 and Vans are launching a futuristic collaboration that will take you to Mars and back.  Known for their monochromatic color schemes and seamless fusion of science and fashion, the collab will mimic the brands Spring/Summer 2018 collection entitled Zero Gravity.  Fast forward to 2082 to peep the reworked classic Era and Old Skool styles in grey and off-white with transparent soles and clean embellishments.  Collab drops today at 7pm Pacific time so cop yours while you can because supplies will be limited.

Visit for more details. 

Vans: The New Standard

Vans have long been a part of the casual American lexicon since its inception in 1966 in Anaheim, California. The rubber soles and checkered prints have stood the test of time and proved to be a timeless part of American fashion and a symbol of youth, spirit and attitude.  This year Vans celebrates 50 years of business, and today Vans have become a staple among young Hollywood and the fashion set. Paired with everything from Baja East to Vetements and seen on models, celebs, and social media personalities alike. Vans seem to be a part of our everyday routines and worn during realest moments of our lives. Just ask Damn Daniel! I know I personally own five pairs myself. 

Jim Duran.