Ricardo Seco

Spring 2019

For designer Ricardo Seco Spring 2019 started 50 years ago at the Mexico City Olympics. Seco drew his inspiration from the history making Olympic games in a street wise collection re-imagining it’s iconography for 2019. The designer drew reference from the iconic Olympic rings by creating a psychedelic ring print worked into parkas, bombers and shirting and pants. Seco undoubtedly fast forwarded to 2019 showcasing a playful multi-colored home screen print with app like icons for the urban dweller. Continued this season is the designer’s stance on the anti-immirgration legislations being pushed by the current presidential administration. With red, white, and green DACA emblazoned socks and a tee stating: “Immigrants: Empowering the World.” The collection was a continued celebration of Mexican heritage and culture through Seco’s contemporary take on men’s fashion.

Images by Jim Duran.