#NYFWM: Zachary Prell

By the end of Fashion Week one can be mentally worn out and physically exhausted. From running back and forth between shows, outfit changes and constant sensory overload, because it's only twice a year you push yourself through the chaos for fear of missing out. The last show of my trip was Zachary Prell, a menswear designer known for his classic American sportswear and contemporary fit. The presentation with its beautiful cast of models and shipwrecked school boy vibes was a refreshing take on modern American style. Long haired agents of fortune wearing make-shift headbands with perfectly disheveled styling and bronzed skin gave the collection a story line that drew you into the inspiration behind Prell's vision for the Spring. New York based menswear leans so strongly towards the street-wear sector that its traditional counterpart often gets overlooked and Prell offers a fashionably deluxe option for that client.

Jim Duran 

Bottom photo: Kellan Lutz, Eric Rutherford, Zachary Prell, Johannes Huebl.

Photos by BLKLN Clothing