Fall/Winter 2017

Creative Director Steve McSween dug deep in the company archives for the Nautica Fall/Winter 2017 presentation.  With a rich history of sportswear at his fingertips, McSween took some of the brands biggest trends from decades past and reworked them to correspond with one of today's biggest menswear trends, the nineties.  From dark demin, polar fleece and pullover windbreakers the designer opened up a new dialogue for the brand by introducing these iconic styles to a new and younger audience. 

Young Paris and DJ Cassidy stopped by and peruse the new collection as McSween greeted editors and the press while introducing them to the new collection.  In an effort to bring relevancy and new life back to the brand I would say McSween was a aesthetic success.  When a brand reaches back to its roots to revisit the elements that made that brand a success it doesn't always fair well in effort but in this case I'd say it was a home run.

DJ Cassidy and Young Paris.

DJ Cassidy and Young Paris.

Photos by BLKLN Clothing.