Carlos Campos

Spring/Summer 2018

For designer Carlos Campos, it was back to basics for Spring/Summer 2018.  Recapturing the true essence of the brand, this season Campos drew inspiration from the legendary Mexican architect Luis Barragán.  Known for his clean lines and bold use of color, Barragán's style translates well into Campos' "minimalist aesthetic and it's dedication to adding Latin twists to American classics."

With sharp lines and geometric silhouettes, this season was a review of where Campos has been and a forecast of where he is going.  Graphic print tees in black and white and mason red counterfeit Cuervo sweatshirts made bold statements on the runway along side belted shorts and long line coats. Though the biggest statement made was Campos' usage of color.  Color balance is a fine turned art especially when we are in a era of fashion where designers want to use every color in the rainbow at once. Knowing when to mute a red with a simple beige or mixing electric blue with black and white in a way that's its not intimidating to every man, takes a lot of skill.  A skill that obviously runs deep in the DNA of the designer and his brand.

Far right: Young Paris front row at Carlos Campos.

Far right: Young Paris front row at Carlos Campos.

Photo by BLKLN Clothing and courtesy of Carlos Campos.