Gustav Von Auschenbach

Gustav Von Aschenbach


Gustav Von Aschenbach

by Robert Geller

For Spring/Summer 2018 menswear designer Robert Geller debuted his new line Gustav Von Aschenbach.  Named after a character from Thomas Mann's "Death in Venice," a novel Geller says he read throughout his teenage years, the new line is his reflection on the current state of menswear.  A dialogue Geller has long pondered but clearly waited to perfect before making his move.  With cleaner silhouettes and less embellishments Gustav is by far a different aesthetic from the runway looks of Geller's eponymous line.  Made in Japan from Japanese materials, aside from a few bold statement stripes, most looks told monochromatic stories in red, blue and grey.  Defining the collections casual nature were oversized cardigans, shirts, outerwear and cropped trousers.  It was a bold risk by Geller in a different direction from the slender legs of his namesake line.  With apparent ease Robert Geller introduced us all to Gustav and we all say welcome!


Photos by BLKLN Clothing and courtesy of Gustav Von Aschenbach by Robert Geller