Kenneth Ning


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Kenneth Ning

Spring/Summer 2018

There is one thing you can always count on from menswear designer Kenneth Ning: you will leave his show in awe of the his ability to create a relatable, forward-thinking collection.  Ning's Spring/Summer 2018 collection entitled Protocol, was far from standard issue.  Rather, a continuation of his fascination with restructuring how we see and wear conventional menswear.  Ning reworks shirts and suiting by playing with proportion and even tilting the silhouette 45 degrees so the sleeve then serves as the neckhole.  This season we saw camo, denim, khaki and leather creating a perfect balance of wearability and creativity.

One of my favorite attributes about the designer is that he reveals his passion for his art by opting to show an concentration of his creative vision rather than dilute it with mundane vesture.  This shows courage from the young designer and his brand.  A courage that will surely secure his place in the world of menswear for years to come.

Images courtesy of Kenneth Ning and CCPR / Video courtesy of Fashion TV

#NYFWM: Kenneth Ning

During #NYFWM Kenneth Ning presented a modest yet memorable collection making a military inspired statement of unfinished elegance. His added paneling and pleated details to reworked trench coats and army vests combined with the natural styling of the models were a great balance of ideas and projected a virtuous fortitude. Ning's revised versions of the classic men's button-up were favorable additions to the collection. Added pockets and shear paneling modernized them in a way that's stylish and efficient enough for the contemporary urban dwelling soldier. A creatively valiant effort by Mr. Ning.    

Jim Duran

Photos by BLKLN Clothing