Marc Luloh

#NYFWM: Matiere

After two seasons of presenting at the New York Men's Day group show, menswear brand Matiere made the leap to one of the main stages during New York Fashion Week: Men's. Founders Scott Shandalove and Jake Zeitlin delivered a relaxed collection of functional sport and leisure wear that could easily be incorporated into any wardrobe. Forever inspired by the serviceable aspects of their exclusively developed fabrics, Shandalove and Zeitlin are able to translate this love of functionality into street smart menswear. Ombred bleu de France knitwear and a salmon button-up accessorized with chic eyewear and Birkinstock style sandals gave the collection the right push into the "of the moment" style Instagram-ers love.   

Jim Duran

Photos by BLKLN Clothing

#NYFWM: Gypsy Sport

In the few years since Rio Uribe launched Gypsy Sport he has seen a meteoric rise to success within the closely guarded walls of New York's fashion community.  From showing his debut Spring 2015 collection in Washington Square Park to becoming a 2015 winner of the CFDA Vogue Fashion Fund, his is truly a fashion fairy tale. Last week Uribe presented his Spring/Summer 2017 collection at the Cadillac House during New York Fashion Week: Men's and took his line to literal proportions. Uribe's sport theme collection was delivered just in time for the Olympics but we are more likely to see these duds on the dance floor instead of the playing field. Track suits and oversized jerseys embellished with tiered lace and non-stop fringe rolled down the runway. The black mesh football jersey with endless fringe accents made for the champion club kid going long into the night. The NBA logo received a cultural make-over in the form the Ankh cross which is an Egyptian symbol for the "joy of life" and represents males and females alike. This might have been Uribe's clever way to reinforce the gender non-specific nature of his Spring 2017 all-star line up. Fashion "IT" boy Jacopo Olmo walked in the show as well as menswear favorite Marc Luloh. Admittedly this collection took a minute for me to understand but now I see the subtle and playful cultural nuances and I love it!  

Jim Duran

Photos courtesy of Gypsy Sport