New York Men's Day: TAAKK

At New York Men's Day you come across a lot of emerging talent.  Some you never see again, some take off like Carlos Campos, but most exciting is when you come across a young designer or brand that completely captivates you.  A few seasons ago it was Private Policy, which I still love but this season, for me personally, was all about TAAKK.  Designer Takuya Morikawa, formerly of Issey Miyake, made his US debut with a highly conceptual and crude presentation.  His high concept collection, created with experimental yet exceptional technique, aims to defy traditional notions of reality, itself. And that it did. The clothing, the striking barefoot models, the logo police tape, the large overhead lighting, the heat and energy in the room.  All these elements came together for an overwhelming and exhilarating experience.  You know that feeling when you come across a new designer and your just obsessed and cannot get enough!?! This was me.  I didn't want to leave and while making my rounds through Dunes Studios I kept coming back to TAAKK.